Behind the scenes with Adam Witeczek
Hello! I'm Adam.

I live in this universe for 22 years. Currently in love with photography and filmmaking.

Adam Witeczek
Creative work you will love

I'm passionate about learning new things. Every day, my mind is overwhelmed by dozens of pictures and unique ideas. That's why I'm thrilled to create a special work for you. It's possible, because I'm always prepared and fully responsible for each little thing on the set. The key is to have fun and make magic happen.

Behind the scenes with Adam Witeczek
It all started with fireworks

They were my first real passion! There's nothing better than seeing people amazed by fireworks in the sky. Back then, I was in charge of the biggest Polish website (and forum) about fireworks.

Fireworks were expensive, so I looked for something new. The choice was clear: video games. I loved them, so I decided to join the gaming blog. As an editor, I have learned how to write engaging stories.

Around 2 years ago, I realized that photography and filmmaking were two new things that I wanted to try. So I've jumped straight into them!

I'm also a web developer. Today, the correlation among these three worlds is stronger than ever.

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