Photography by Adam Witeczek
Oh, hi!

I’m Adam Witeczek, photographer and filmmaker.


So I should put words of wisdom here.
The truth is... I'm pixel obsessed.

I love to play with the light. I love to work with amazing people. And photography gives me that opportunity. It also allows me to inspire people all over the world.


My goal is to bring unique ideas to your photos. There's nothing better than helping you - or your brand - to stand out from the crowd. Check my portfolio.


Looking for a commercial? Thinking about web series? I would be more than happy to tell your story in motion. Watch my videos.

I'm available here for you. Contact me
Behind the scenes with Adam Witeczek
Call me Adam.

I'm 22 years old Polish photographer, filmmaker and sometimes web developer. Personally, I do believe that not only cats, but also dogs are awesome. See my bio.

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